That island trip

Being in a hustling bustling city where there’s always filled with people, sometimes makes me miss even more about the trips to the islands where it’s quiet and the inner calmness that it brings you after each journey. You hear the sounds of nature, wind blowing, sea waves and birds chirping…

Koh Chang in Thailand, it was such a beautiful island, and I remember how relaxed we were, everyday we would walk to the beach, enjoy the magical sunset, canoeing out on the sea with coconuts for an small adventure, snorkel and swim pass fishes in the crystal clear water. All the walks without really needing a planned destination, completely spontaneous. The answer to the question “What do you want to do today?” would always be “Let’s go to the beach!” “Let’s go eat Pad Thai!” “Let’s just walk around and find out…” Miss it so much right now.

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