Hidden dress

Recently I've been flipping out all my clothes from wardrobe or "Black Hole" as my mom would call it. Each year when another season arrives, I would always have the idea of cleaning out the closet, throw out the things that would no longer fit me or I wouldn't wear anymore, however I always failed at doing so. I would often be like "Hmm maybe I'll wear it someday sometime again..."..no I won't. I've decided to change that, so I got a booth at the flee market during weekends to sell out my years of collection! Below is one of the dresses that I've had for years yet never found the occasion to wear it. Sooo I decided to take some photos with it before giving it away ;p

2017-09-07 12.54.33-2.jpg
2017-09-07 12.55.35-2.jpg